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Of tea trails

The Tea Festival is held to glorify the authentic flavour and taste of Assam tea. Ranked second in the world for production. Tea tours give you an experience of life in 100-year old heritage bungalows and you can still experience the influence of the British Raj. Indulge in some golfing at some of the heritage golf greens of the world, a sport which many of the tea planters engage in on their leisurely time. Touring such laid back towns as Dibrugarh and Jorhat and so many others gives you an intoxicating experience of life in an unhurried way. Assam boasts of 10 unique golf courses. You may also opt to combine golf experience with other delights of the state such as wildlife areas and river cruises. Don’t miss out on dense forests and exquisite tea gardens, amidst which lies the 18-hole golf course of Digboi a booming oil town in eastern Assam. The town of Jorhat hosts the ceremonies of the Tea festival in November. The three- day festival allows visitors to taste different varieties of tea, visit tea gardens and watch the process of tea processing and also enjoy the vibrant dance of the tea tribes.

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