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Cruising down the River Brahmaputra is synonymous to unfolding the cultural pages of Assam. Cruises on this mighty River offers unique experiences which translate to mind-blowing wildlife sightings and a close glimpse of the ethnicity of the state. Nothing can compare to experiencing iconic places like the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary and the haunting beauty of Majuli. Take in the ever-changing rural scenes from the deck as your river cruiser gently glides along the Brahmaputra River. Behold the near-pristine wilderness and head ashore with your guide to sightsee and meet the locals. Explore the Ahom king’s bastion at Sivasagar. Experience culture of the Vaishnavite monasteries of Majuli Island before arriving at Kaziranga National Park.
Feel the ancient romance of Usha Aniruddha amidst the temples at Tezpur and visit a silk weaving village at Sualkuchi. Browse bazaars at Guwahati for picking small souvenirs.

Experience Beauty: Pure, Exotic, Enchanting and Divine.

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