Seeking Spiritualism




Seeking Spiritualism

The North East has some of the world’s oldest pilgrimage places and shrines scattered in its beautiful landscape. The wealth of pilgrimage destinations surprises people belonging to different religions and faiths. Starting from the Gateway to the land of seven sisters, Guwahati, a pilgrimage tour of the region is a complete spiritual and enlightening experience. The city itself is the hallowed spot for Devi Durga, and the Kamakhya Temple needs no introduction. Be it the Umananda shrine or the Basistha Muni Ashram, the Hayagriva Madhav Temple at Hajo or the Mahabhairav Temple at Tezpur, each is unique in architecture and surrounded in myths and historical lores. The impressive Tawang Monastery of Arunachal or the heritage churches of Meghalaya, the temples of Tripura or the mysterious shrines of Unnakoti, the list goes on and the quest is not quenched for there is much left to explore. Assam also has centres of community worship the Namghars, among them Bornamghar at Jorhat, Dhekiakhuwa established

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