There is more to North East than it’s amazingly beautiful places, it’s warm and welcoming people of its eye-catching weaves and handicrafts. For a foodie like me it came as a pleasant surprise that when it came to food, this amazing place is no less yummilicious in the variety of its street food. The seven sisters as the different states are called have each a unique cuisine to offer. For now, I will be talking about the extremely delicious street food of the place.

Laksa from Assam

We all have our favourite noodle dish or a joint we love to frequent but if you are in Assam and haven’t tasted Laksa a delicious noodle soup made with rice noodles, you are missing the best. The special taste is from Coconut Milk, which is tempered with Tamarind paste, and also flavoured fish paste, and spices. Take one sip and you are an instant fan of the healthy and truly lip-smacking soup. To top it all the cost is minimal.

Kelli Chana from Manipur

Manipur the jewel of the East has another gem-Kelli Chana. This delicious snack is Manipuri tradition and way of life in a plate. Kelli Chana means spicy peas. The spicy chickpeas are sprinkled with aromatic herbs and tangy juices and there you have the tastiest snack you have ever had. It was an amazing experience eating Kelli chana from a lotus leaf making the experience all the more authentic.

Tripura: Chikhvi

North East has flavourful non-veg street food to satiate your taste buds and Chikhvi from Tripura is my favourite.  Stir-fried Bamboo shoots and Pork pieces, makes this dish divine. And any foodie will love the crispy and hot flavours that come from ginger rice flour paste, raw papayas, and of course green chillies.

Sanpiau from Mizoram

It is surprising how ordinary rice can be so delicious because Sanpiau from Mizoram is one dish that changed my perception of rice. A rice porridge garnished with fresh coriander paste, black pepper, and given a twist with tangy fish sauce. Topped with ground rice and fried spring onions it is yummy and filling.

Kappa from Meghalaya

Kappa, rains and Meghalaya is an unbeatable combination. Each time I go to Meghalaya I grab a bowl of Kappa broth which is made from chicken entrails and spiced with fresh herbs and spices. It is comfort food redefined.

Kinals from Nagaland

Kinals is the soul of Nagaland and one of the best street food ever tasted. Unleash the foodie in you and dare to explore this noodle dish made from the head of the pig and drizzled with a brown sauce. The spicy taste comes from the world famous Bhut Jolokia, or King chillies the hottest chillies in the world

Thenthuk from Arunachal Pradesh

Thenthuk is much like Thukpa but it uses hand-pulled noodles and is traditionally made from meat stock infused with fresh vegetables. I fell in love with this winter meal and would go all the way to Arunachal Pradesh for another round.

So are you ready to explore the yummy street food of North East?