Nestled amidst clouds at 2,452 meters above sea level is the hidden valley of flowers the Dzukou Valley. This beautiful valley stands at the border of Nagaland and Manipur in northeast India. The valley is all of the emerald hues in summer, and visitors may find there way through vivid green hillocks leading to blue mountaintops. The green carpet is laden with bright flowers. A white blanket of snow covers the valley in winter. This hidden paradise is famous for its flowers that bloom in summer and the Shirui lily the most striking among them. Flowers or not the valley is good to visit in any season.

A place of immense beauty for hikers and rock climbers, tourists from abroad are just beginning to discover the place. Dzukou may be the last eden on earth so visit it before global warming takes over.

How to reach Dzukou Valley

The valley can be reached from Manipur, but the primary route is from Nagaland. If you are up to braving the lack of amenities and strenuous trail on the Manipur side, go ahead. And it is good luck if you do not break your car on the poor roads. So, it is best to drive to Dzukou from the Nagaland side. Starting from the capital of Nagaland,Kohima, it is  relatively comfortable getting to Dzukou Valley. Visitors and trekkers normally kick of from the towns: Jakhama and Viswema. Jakhama is 20 km from Kohima and Viswema is 25 km. You can arrive at Kohima by bus or train .

Once in Kohima, you can hire a taxi or take a shared one at reasonable rates. You can choose to either go to Jakhama or Viswema. The only hitch is the shared taxis leave only when the required number of passengers are there. A 40-minute ride and you reach your destination. Take my tip and choose the Viswema route to Dzukou.

Dzukou Valley from Viswema

The motorable road is only a few kilometers and their on you need to walk around 3 hours. So put on your best pair of trekking shoes and follow the 45-minutes trail to the valley. You will also have to climb through steep paths and slippery trails, so be careful. From the top of the mountain you can see Dzukou and it is through a nice two hour walk through the valley that you finally reach the resthouse.

Dzukou Valley from Jakhama

Although this route from Jakhama is more strenuous than from Viswema, it is better to take this one down. Rough-hewn stone steps line the steep path which is much easier to walk down than the trail up from Viswema. It takes about 3 hours to walk down from the valley to the main road. A motorable road from Jakhama runs for about 3-4 kilometres, then it is up to you to brave the ascent which is at least 4 – 5 hours and a pretty steep affair. You can reach the rest house in the valley after that tiring walk.

Dzukou Valley stay ins

Be thankful for the basic amenities and enjoy the valley of flowers.The rest house overlooks the valley, and offer dormitories and a few individual rooms. You get breakfast and simple dinner or make do with barbeque facilities. Tip: Be sure to bring a good sleeping bag of sleep on the mat. You get simple bedding for reasonable cost which includes mattresses, blankets, and pillows.

My tip is to forget luxury and enjoy the cradle of nature camp out of stay the night in caves. Better put up your tent anywhere in the valley like the locals. Get set and take the trek to paradise.